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Lorell was amazing! Hiring her was the best thing I did for my sanity preparing for the wedding and the day itself. She made sure everything was well coordinated and set up and I didn't have to worry about anything. I just had to show up and get married! We are all impressed with her hard work! I highly recommend her if you are planning to get married, she is the best!!!

- Monica (Aug. 2018)

All of the good words in this world put together is the perfect description of “I do! Events”!! If you are hoping for a stress free wedding day, contact Lorell ASAP, her and her team know exactly what they are doing. Choosing to have a planner was a good decision on our end, but choosing I do events was an absolute blessing! I truly do not believe that mine and my husbands wedding would have been what it was without her. Lorell is so accommodating, sincere, and understanding! She responds quickly to emails, phone calls and texts. Not only did we get a great wedding planner but I feel as if we gained a new friend! Any future party planning or events I might need assistance with, she’s going to be my first contact, and always my only recommendation!

- Miranda (June 2018)

"Simply amazing. I could not have imagined our day without the help of Lorell. Worth her weight I'm gold! She took the stress out of the day, made it so my mom could relax and not worry about wedding set up and even got me my vows when at the last minute I realized I had forgotten them. If you want a stress free wedding day hire this gal. I cannot say enough about how thankful I am for her. She helped with all the fine details and really made everything come together.”

– Amanda (July 2016)


“If you are on the fence about hiring a planner call Lorell and look no further! She kept me sane during our process and made sure we were on track with where we needed to be each month. Our wedding day was absolutely flawless and Lorell made it happen. I was able to relax and enjoy our reception knowing everything was in Lorell (and her team!)'s hands!”

– Shannon (May 2016)


"Lorell was an absolute god-send. Even though I only had her as a same Day coordinator she helped me so much through the entire process. So many of my family commented about how professional and helpful Lorell was to have that day. She is a gold star through and through. Many people may assume that having a wedding planner is not a necessity but trust me, you truly get to enjoy your day when you have a coordinator handling all the details for you. Lorell made everything effortless. She is the best in town!"

- Jan (Oct. 2015)

"Lorell of 'i do Events' provided us invaluable wedding service! Her presence kept us organized, informed, and on schedule throughout the day. Lorell took care of everything that unexpectedly came up, from handling the floral mix-up, to fixing the decorative draping on our wedding arbor at the very last minute, and ensuring that everyone in our wedding party was treated to drinks before the semi-hosted bar reached its limit. She took care of all of our requests with efficiency and professionalism, and even went above and beyond when a time sensitive emergency came up: We were on a limo bus with the rest of the wedding party, en route for pre-ceremony wedding photos off-site, when we realized that we had forgotten some very important wedding items for the ceremony at home. We couldn’t divert the limo bus (and risk running behind schedule), but thankfully, I had Lorell to take care of that situation! I'm also a leader and an organizer myself, but Lorell's confidence and ability to control whatever came up, allowed me to focus on the most important thing - being the Bride! I still repeatedly receive comments from our guests that it was the best and most enjoyable wedding they've ever attended. Everything flowed so smoothly, and Lorell’s work behind the scene helped make it so! My parents have commented time and time again that Lorell did a spectacular job, and they are very critical people. Lorell always looked out for us and made sure that everyone was happy. If I could go back and change one thing, I would've hired Lorell on an hourly basis for the entire day!"

- Salen (July 2012)


"I am a firm believer that you can do it all yourself so I waited a month before my event when I finally accepted do It yourself or not you can NOT be in 2 places at one time try as you might. :-) and on your special day you should not be setting up and taking down decor you should be getting hair and make up and dancing! PERIOD. Lorell first did our rehearsal and a blessing that was we went through it 3 times before we had it right! Who knew it was complicated I can't imagine what everything would have looked like without practice. The day of the wedding she was like our dear gent overseeing make sure things were perfect and bringing us appetizers while waiting for our grand entrance... We couldn't have done it without her. We love her!!"

- Melissa (May 2013)

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